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Images of Beauty in Everyday Items
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Imágenes de la Belleza en las Cosas de Cada Día
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In fine art painting, the term Bodegon has two meanings. Generically it means any still life painting, but more specifically it stands for kitchen still lifes. The Spanish word for both 'pantry' and 'tavern' is bodegón. The Spanish Bodegón tradition, stretching back to the 17th century, has a moral seriousness and austerity… [p.30] (Nochlin, Linda. The Politics of Vision : Essays on Nineteenth-Century Art and Society. New York: Harper & Row, 1989). This austerity and seriousness of the Spanish School can be interpreted on the one hand as a rejection of worldly pleasures and on the other as a reaction to the style of Northern still life paintings, namely the Dutch School. The Dutch still life masters and their patrons relished in the idea of excess, often depicting scenes were plenitude was paramount, a horn of plenty for the eyes and the senses. - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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